HAAS               POWER               AIR
HaasPowerAir was conceived with the concept of creating, fabricating, testing and  producing a firewall forward powerplant for experimental aircraft using the highest quality parts available that are based on time tested automobile engines. Since there is such a vast amount of  OEM, aftermarket performance and racing parts available to choose from, the end result is a custom powerplant that can be tailored to any application  with the following criteria being met.

First and foremost is safety, durability is a close second, then weight and finally cost. This protocol will result in a time tested, long lasting, safe and cost effective engine that will deliver years of trouble free service. By maintaining the highest standards in machining, welding, fabricating and assembling the end product will rival aerospace quality with the cost consistant to what dedicated homebuilders expect to pay for excellent quality merchandise.

Our target market is for the builders of RV-10's, Murphy Moose's, Lancairs, Velocity's and any other experimental aircraft needing a quality powerplant in the 200-400 HP range. HaasPowerAir is capable of fabricating various components to meet the demanding level of durability an experimental plane requires. "One off" projects are always considered and we will try to fulfill those requests.

HaasPowerAir is here to help you achieve the ultimate in experimental aviation.
Kitplanes magazine did a feature article on us in the December 2009 edition.   The crowds at Airventure @ Oshkosh had nothing but positive comments and the magazine article confirms this.  Link: http://www.kitplanes.com/issues/26_12/exploring/9026-1.html

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                                                                   Ben Haas.
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